Regional Site Application FAQs

Q: How long will the program last?
A: In July of 2019 the governor signed House Bill 166 which required ODJFS to establish a statewide kinship care navigator program and state funds were appropriated for the program. OhioKAN is expected to continue until such time that the Ohio Legislature determines that such funding will no longer be appropriated for that purpose.

Q: Regarding the Navigator positions: if there are 5 Navigators per region, how are the counties divided up?
The regions will collaborate to identify the best way to distribute Navigator services throughout the region. On the application, applicants are asked to consider ways in which they anticipate collaborating with other sites or distributing Navigators throughout the OhioKAN region to ensure equal access to services for kinship and post-adoptive families.

Q: Could the full-time Navigator position instead be shared by two people part-time?
A: As we implement this program, we are asking that the position be filled full time by one person who is the Navigator.

Q: How do we receive clients for this?
OhioKAN services will have multiple entry points. Individuals and families could access services through the website, the statewide phone number, contacting a navigator directly, or by referral from a local agency. To increase the community’s awareness of the program, OhioKAN regional staff will work with their Regional Advisory Committees to identify opportunities to inform families and individuals of the services available and how to access them. This may be in the form of formal materials created by OhioKAN, informational meetings with potential referral sources, and educational sessions at community events.

Q: What expenses will the site incur?
A: That is dependent on each site and their general expenses. Kinnect will work with the sites on the costs of the Navigator salary and benefits, technology (computer/cell phone) and mileage.

Q: Duties of supervisor on-site vs. Coaches/Coordinators?
A: The on-site supervisor will provide day to day support for the navigator, help integrate the navigator into the organization, and attend weekly calls with the navigator and coach. The supervisor will also be trained on the model and be a part of the ongoing Learning Community.

The coach’s role will be to support the implementation, delivery and evaluation of the OhioKAN model. The coach will speak to the navigator at least weekly to provide case consultation, feedback, technical assistance and build the navigator practice skills. The coach will monitor fidelity to the OhioKAN model and lead regional continuous quality improvement activities. The coach will provide case consultation, assist on a navigator’s caseload, and take calls when needed.

The coordinators will provide administrative support to OhioKAN staff, coordinate events, and assist with CQI activities. Coordinators will also work closely with the Regional Advisory Councils to schedule, prepare, and follow up on Regional Advisory Council meetings.

Q: Is there an age criteria i.e. 60 years and older?
A: There is no age criteria for the families being served. The only age criteria is on the children in the household. To qualify for Kinship or Adoptive Navigator services, a child must reside in the home. OhioKAN is using the definition of child as defined in rule 5101:2-1-01 of the administrative code “person under eighteen years of age or under nineteen years of age and who is a full-time student in a secondary school or in the equivalent level of vocational or technical training, or a mentally or physically handicapped person under twenty-one years of age.”

Q: An eligible participating host agency must have someone already on staff who can supervise a Navigator?
A: Yes, the participating host agency should have someone, already identified, on staff who can supervise the Navigator.

Q: What is the anticipated time commitment for the Supervisor?
A: We anticipate 5 hours per week of supervision time, in addition to participating in the Learning Community and other OhioKAN trainings. As a reminder, the Navigators will have access and regular contact with their coach to help them learn the program and maintain program fidelity.

Q: Are all full-time positions required to have office space at regional office?
A: Yes, the Navigators must have office space at the regional office. The regional office does not necessarily need space for the coaches, regional coordinators and regional directors.

Q: Are the definitions of each position defined somewhere?
A: Yes, they are posted on the OhioKAN website.

Q: Would the site need to pay for the Navigator?
A: The Navigator salary (including benefits) would be reimbursed by OhioKAN. OhioKAN will also pay for technology (computer/cell phone) and mileage.

Q: Can Navigators be housed throughout the region as opposed to all at one site?
A: Yes, Navigators can be housed throughout the region.

Q: Do you know the deadlines for applicants in cohort 2?
A: No, not at this time. We expect to have another webinar in early summer.

Q: Does an applicant need to have an office in the region in which they apply?
A: Yes, site applicants need to have an office within the region.

Q: Does it have to be a PCSA hosting the navigator or can it be other service providers?
A: No, it does not have to be a PCSA, it can be any community organization, public or private.